High Quality Golf Course Sands

We strive to produce quality sands for our Customers, whether it’s for day to day maintenance or construction.

Choosing the right sand for your golf course can be tricky. Golfers want bunkers to be consistent and playable. All of our products go through multiple layers of refinement to ensure our customers only get top grade sand.

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Sand and Dirt for Sports Fields

Rinehart is a trusted provider of sands and dirt for many school systems' athletic fields.

From baseball infield dirt to football field topsoil, the right materials make all the difference. Players prefer it a certain way, field managers want it right, and scientific research backs it all up. At Rinehart, we provide high quality sand and dirt for sports fields of all types. We work with school systems and athletic venues all across Houston.

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Materials for Parks and Recreational Venues

Sand specialized for play.

Volleyball fields, playgrounds, and public park paths are just a few places that require the right sand. Quality and consistency are everything. We specialize in providing the perfect blends for these venues and in maintaining them. Rinehart has experience with many different venues and we produce everything in our own facilities.

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Our goal is to produce quality products for our customers.

USGA Sands

We provide multiple sand types for many Golf Courses in the Houston area and beyond.

Top Dressing

Rinehart has several types of top dressing sand available for your Greens, Fairways, Sports Fields and Parks

Sand & Organic Blends

We can blend different ratios of sand and organics for your maintenance and construction needs, weather its for a golf course, sports field or recreational venue.

Topsoil Blends

Our topsoil blends are great for providing a well-balanced foundation for laying turf, growing turf from seedling, or providing proper draining.

Rinehart Sands has been in the sand and aggregates business for over 25 years. Whether it's day-to-day maintenance or large construction, we are here to serve you.


Locally owned and operated for multiple generations.

Proudly serving the Greater Houston area and beyond.


Our company combines over 60 years of experience into our service.

Our reputation is built on quality and service above all.